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The new name for
Gelastic Pad Inserts
The use of a Gelastic Pad insert can greatly enhance riding pleasure. I know of many riders who complain about "Numb Bum Syndrome". Long distance riding can be hard on your bum. This can cause great pain for some. I have modified many seats allowing the riders to go much further between stops when touring, with less pain, and therefore more enjoyment. Bike riding is for pleasure not pain.
My gelastic pads are unlike any other gels, this Type of grade gelastic really works, The gelastic pad is fitted directly to the seat foam and fitted so the property's of the gelastic pad is not compromised at all , It will not leak or migrate it has it's own memory and is not visable under the cover, the only way you will know the gelastic pad is there is the added comfort.
This is just a very small sample of gel packs ( medical packs ) that we have ripped out of seats. Our customers have asked us to change them to GELASTIC PADS as they were not happy with the comfort, as well as them FREEZING in the winter & MELTING in the summer. We have heard of stories of motorbikes going up in FLAMES as the packs have melted
through the seat & onto the engine.